Mountain Medical Arts uses the best evidence-based, allopathic, osteopathic and integrative medical approaches to deliver comprehensive health care for patients of all ages from birth through life and into the dying process.

Our practice has an in-house lab and can coordinate state-of-the-art skin, urine, salivary and blood testing including allergy/immunology, autoimmune, neuroendocrine, nutritional and toxicity panels for accurate diagnoses and treatment of myraid diseases and assessing wellness.

We also carry and can recommend a variety of nutritional supplements that have been tested for quality and efficacy in the potencies used in clinical trials.

For established patients, we provide the following services:

  • Outpatient health counseling, diagnosis & treatment plans
  • Well care, immunizations and preventive care services
  • Osteopathic manipulation/bodywork*
  • Home visits, telephone and Internet consultations
  • Comprehensive nutritional, lifestyle and mental health counseling
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Allergy testing and sublingual (under the tongue) immunotherapy or subcutaneous (injection) options with referral
  • Hospice care and palliative treatment
  • Emergency on-call support nights, holidays, and weekends
  • *Osteopathic services are available on a limited basis to patients of Dr. Rothe only. These services are billed separately and in addition to a regular office visit.

Client Portal

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For the community we provide the following services:

Hospice Medical Director for Yancey County — Dr. Polgar.

County Medical Examiners for Yancey County — Dr. Polgar and  Dr. Rothe both serve as Medical Examiners for the County.

Outpatient medical treatment at Yancey County Jail.

Dr. Rothe is working collaboratively with Sheriff Gary Banks to develop a more comprehensive health-care program using grants and telemedicine to support future expansion plans. Currently the goal is to make rehabilitation, mental health and educational services available to inmates to provide continued support upon release as part of their parole plan.