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Kelly Rothe, DO

Family Physician

Kelly Rothe, DO Family Physician 

Practice Areas


Mountain Medical Arts PLLC, A Private Practice established as a National Health Service Corp’s underserved health clinic by Dr. Rothe. My vision remains a continuous evolving community resource, a comprehensive family practice integrating osteopathic, behavioral, emotional, spiritual and nutritional modalities. In 2008 I hired PA-C Malinda Achard who practiced at MMA until 2018. I continue to supervise her at her own Vital Roots in Asheville. In 2009 my husband Jeff Polgar MD joined MMA from our local hospital after a large merger took us local doctors out of the decision making process for hospital change. He also came to Yancey County under the NHSC. In 2015, after much consideration, we pulled out of the insurance paradigm and converted to a Direct Primary Care practice, focused on – as it reads- patient care. Dr. Polgar and I run the office together with a wonderful staff and lower overhead. We have fallen in love with medicine again In 2018 we hired his brother, Jonathan Polgar PA-C, see his resume for the wonder he brings, along with his wife, Jenn.


Inpatient Medicine, Attending, Blue Ridge Regional Hospital, Spruce Pine, NC. I maintain my privileges, but only use them for outpatient orders, infusions, IVF, observation and coordination of inpatient care. We have good working relationships with Blue Ridge, and Mission Hospitals for direct admissions and coordination of care with hospitalists and specialists.


Medical Director, Hospice of Mitchell County


Dr Rothe has served as medical director, associate medical director integrative palliative care consultations and face to face visits for fifteen years for our surrounding counties through when Hospice of Mitchell County expanded to this.


Child Medical Evaluations, Ally’s House, Yancey County Child Advocacy Center. Together with DSS and the Yancey County Sheriff Department, we volunteered our time to found a Child Advocacy Center that served four counties for many years. When it became sustainable, assumed management and I resigned when they found an experienced replacement.


Nursing Home Care, Brian Center Health and Rehabilitation Skilled Nursing Facility, Spruce Pine, NC, and Brookside now Smoky Ridge in Burnsville NC and other local assisted living facilities.


Doc House Sublet space to acupuncturists, massage therapists, mental health therapists, donate space to community organizations like Carolina Literary Festival, Airbnb for out of town individual medical consults coordinating myriad treatments.


Cottage on the Square: We converted this building into an Airbnb where we will do retreat healing Airbnb experiences

Board Certifications/Licensure/Credentials


Passed Integrative Medicine Boards
November 2010 Board Certified in Hospice and Palliative Care, required every ten years

2007, 2010, 2013

Certification in Child Abuse and Neglect

April 2004—Present

DEA License, renews every three years


Physician Privileges at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital, Spruce Pine, NC


Board Certified in Family Practice Medicine, last recertification 4/2013


North Carolina Medical License to practice Medicine and Surgery renews annually
June 2000-April 2003 Moonlighting Privileges, Emergency Room Physician, Highland Hospital Rochester, NY
October 2000-May 2003 New York State Medical License to practice Medicine and Surgery


Family Medicine Residency, University of Rochester, New York


Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Oklahoma State University, College of Osteopathic Medicine, Tulsa Oklahoma


Bachelor of Science, Pre-medical student, Cornell University
Ithaca, New York


Culinary Arts, Johnson and Wales University, Providence, Rhode Island


Finger Lakes Community College, Canandaigua, NY


Marcus Whitman High School NY

Continuing Education


Writing Workshops including The Duke Creative Writers’ Workshop, Great Smokies Writing Program UNC, numerous classes and private study with, and


Hospice and Palliative Care, ongoing CME


Child Abuse and Neglect, ongoing CME


Family Practice Medicine, ongoing CME 300 every three years see AAFP/ABFM sites for log of courses


iMosaic Conference bringing together American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA), American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) and International College of Integrative Medicine (ICIM)


Addiction Medicine Conference, Asheville NC


Psychotherapy Evaluation and Management with mentor Dr. David Sperber, University of Rochester, New York


Advanced Cardiac and Basic Life Support

October 2001

Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, advanced training, 22-hour CME, Biddeford, Maine

July 1999

Certified Yoga Instructor, White Lotus Yoga Foundation, Santa Barbara, California


Licensed Massage Therapist, instructor and therapist, Tulsa, Oklahoma

May 1999

Basic Longevity, American College for Advancement in Medicine Spring
Conference, Orlando, Florida

June 1998

Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, Cranial Academy 40-hour CME, San Diego, CA

April 1997

Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, Southerland Cranial Teaching Foundation
40-hour CME, Long Island, NY

Teaching Experience


Established Mountain Edible Arts through to mentor individuals interested in organic sustainable farming


MAHEC and UNC Chapel Hill Medical Students and Residents


Various school programs through the public schools, Tar Wars, County health and wellness fairs etc


Personal and Group Yoga Instructor, specializing in Iyengar and Vinyasa Hatha
Yoga, mentors Ganga White and Tracy Rich


Canandaigua City Schools, substitute teacher in math and science


Teaching Assistant, Department of Family Practice, Manual therapy and Osteopathy in the Cranial Field at OSU-COM, Tulsa, OK, mentor Kenneth Graham, DO


Teaching Assistant, Biology, Department of Biological Sciences, Cornell
University, Supervisor, Dr. Carol McFadden

Community Wellness Outreach, Publications, Awards and Honors

April 21st 2018

The whole series is interesting but my actual interview is about 14 seconds in

October 26th 2017

February 22nd 2017

May 2003

Guest speaker, YMCA Canandaigua NY “Keeping Your Mind Working” lecture series for the elderly

June 2003

Honorary speaker, “Preventing and Controlling Asthma,” National Conference on Asthma
2003, Meeting the Challenge of Healthy People 2010, Washington DC, National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute

November 2002

Guest Speaker, “Grief” Palliative Care Series, Strong Memorial Hospital

April 2002

Guest speaker, University of Rochester Medical School, Complementary and Alternative
Medicine Conference


Honorary speaker, American Lung Association 2nd Annual Asthma and Lung Disease Research Dinner


Travel/Tuition Scholarship for a 40-hour Cranial Osteopathy course granted by the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation, Long Island, NY


Travel Scholarship to the College on Problems of Drug Dependence annual conference, Puerto Rico


Travel scholarship for a poster presentation at the International Narcotics Research Conference in St. Andrews, Scotland


Research grant to explore the tolerance, dependence, withdrawal and analgesic effects of various opioids using an amphibian model, awarded by Gardner Industries, OK


Academic scholarship from the Cornell Tradition

Research Experience


Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology: Molecular and Behavioral Studies in Opioid Expression and Tolerance in Amphibians, Supervisor, Dr. Craig Stevens


Research Assistant, Department of Neuroscience: Molecular and Genetic Research in Cell Adhesion Molecules and Transcription factors in Neural Development and Degeneration, Supervisors, Dr. Stuart Lipton and Dr. Dana Leifer

1988 – 1990

Research Assistant, Department of Biopsychology, Cornell University, Neuro-anatomic Analyzation of Thalamo-ablation Studies on Neuronal Migration Patterns in Rodents, Supervisors, Dr. Martha Windrem, Dr. Barbara Finlay


Research Assistant, Department of Psychology, Cornell University, Molecular Studies on a Sexually Dimorphic Acetylcholine Receptor in Mice, Supervisor, Dr. Tom Podleski