Membership Pricing

Mountain Medical Arts – Direct Primary Care (DPC) Facts

Mountain Medical Arts Membership:

• $49 per month (comprehensive visit may be done after 6 months are paid)
• Children (up to 18) of an adult member will be $20 per month extra.
• A family maximum of $150/month
• Each in person office encounter will be a $20 fee (checkups)
• If we need to see you at home $125 (subject to schedule availability and distance from office)
• Dr. Rothe Osteopathic fees (with membership)$60 for each 40 minute session, $70 if coordinated with medical checkup
• Integrative Consult and Coordination of Care: $89/month X 6 months = $540

Nonmember active patient á la carte prices:

• To be active must have a yearly Wellness Checkup: no charge for common labs once a year $249
• Each office encounter (Single problem such as urinary or respiratory infection) $65
• Osteopathic evaluation $200 initial $150 follow up or $300 /$150 if other medical advice needed
• Integrative Medicine Consults $250 first visit and $100 per 30 minute follow up
• School sports, college or camp physical and completion of forms $50
• DOT/CDL $150 (doesn’t require being an “active” patient)


• Unhurried appointments – freed from excessive paperwork, we are less likely to run behind (emergencies do still happen) formerly spent on insurance requirements, time which can now be spent on you.
• Transparent and realistic billing pricing. Working with other DPC doctors gives us a collective buying power which will get you the very best prices for medications (80% less than Walmart in some cases), lab work, and other services. You will never get a surprise bill from us.

Online resources for more information about Direct Primary Care